What are clients saying?

"Jo managed to do the seemingly impossible: showing me how to eat healthily, to feel completely comfortable in my body and lose weight WITHOUT dieting, starving, stressing myself out or denying myself the food I love. After years of unsuccessfully – and unhappily – trying every diet craze, I’m feeling happy, healthy, lean and finally deeply nurtured by the delicious food Jo showed me. Experiencing that journey with Jo is big fun – no guilty feelings, a lot of laughter, enjoying your food and a real pro by your side who’s always giving great, supportive advice and such brilliant, doable (and tasty!) tips.”

— Patricia, Los Angeles, CA

“I weighed too much and resigned myself to being a big person. I thought about changing this but couldn't make it happen. I needed a partner to understand my lifestyle, habits and personality. Jo did that for me and I'm forever grateful. I lost the 50 pounds I needed to and did it in a sustainable way that makes me feel good about myself every single day. I can't recommend Jo highly enough. I'm not just lighter - I'm healthier and armed with the kind of education you can't get from an app or a website or even a book. You need a partner on this journey and there's none better than Jo." 

— Sol, Santa Cruz, CA

I knew when I met Jo she was going to change my life. She didn't promise me miracles but offered that, if we worked together, we would achieve sustainable results at a realistic pace.  And she was right - I'm healthier and feeling great!  I've lost weight and kept it off.  Jo has taught me about healthy habits, smart choices, good tradeoffs, and how not to feel deprived.  She's given me tips on how to approach vacations, eating out, the holidays, cravings and the occasional setback.  Most importantly, Jo provides ongoing detailed feedback and coaching, which has been critical in achieving and maintaining results."

 — Jane, San Francisco, CA

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